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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  July 13, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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prince william county. let me show you live doppler right now. it's getting closer. we watched the activity hang around the i-81 corridor. now we are seeing activity push eastward. nothing severe, again, i want to emphasize the threat is a flood watch. big storms now. good rain fall amounts around warrenton and everything is going to cross over 66 in the next 40 minutes or so. so, we are not out of the woods yet. if you are east of town, you have seen very little today. don't let that fool you. storms are on the way and weal give you a break down in a bit. >> thanks, top. last night's storms dropped heavy rains and toppled trees everywhere. power lines were snagged and police shut the red down in both directions. it reopened to traffic about an hour ago. >> well there may be showers and storms now, but that can't
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undue all the damage from the dry weather we've endured. it's been so dry for so long, that trees are still in danger of dying. in arlington, at least a dozen public trees have parished. and lindsey explains that the county is asking for your help. >> you know those trees between the sidewalk and the street? arlington plants about a thousand of them each year. on the right away and around the county. it's chris hudson's job to water them. >> it's impossible for us to water every tree. we have two water trucks in the county. >> he needs help and spreading the word. nora is president of the volunteer group. >> want to talk trees or anything? i know it's not their tree. they don't have to do this. but it's for the good of the community. >> some neighbors are receptive. >> certainly if it continues, i'll pay attention to this if we get the thunderstorms we are getting. > it may mean extra water,
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don't sweat the extra dollars. >> i water all summer. my water bill for the quarter jumps up at the most, $20. and that is for three months of constantly watering. >> although some neighbors say they rely on the rain. hudson says to keep them green and growing -- >> bring their hose out and put some water on it. >> i'm lindsey mastas. >> the county converted two trucks to help and they are also trying to get to the trees that were planted up it three years ago because many of those are now showing signs of extreme stress. >> all right, let's get to breaking news right now. we are hearing about a hazardous material incident at nasa gotter in green belt, maryland. prince georges fire spokesperson, mark brady says that water mixed with some sort of unknown chemical. we have sky 9 on the way and we'll bring you more information as soon as we get it into our newsroom. new this hour, though, more
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developments in the jacks case. the union that represents dc's child and family services agency wants the mayor to reinstate three caseworkers linked to the case. jacks was found guilty of killing her four daughters last year. and three social workers were fired for allegedly not adequately responding to reports of abuse months before the girl's bodies were found. now, a labor board upheld an arbitrator's decision that adrian fenty, the mayor, should give the workers their jobs back. >> even before going to arbitration, administrators tell him that these individuals should not be fired. [ applause ] he decided at that time -- i'm the boss. i'm going to do what i want to do. he let them go. >> the labor union says the employees are collectively owed
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as much as $300,000 in back pay. also new at 6:00, police have issued an arrest warrant for a driver who allegedly sexually assaulted a metro access passenger. the victim alleges the driver assaulted her last thursday in montgomery county after picking her up at an adult daycare center. metro says the driver works for the regency cab company. it provides metro access service and those drivers are supposed to undergo criminal background checks. we have another case of alleged priest sex abuse. this time in fairfax county. felix was arrested. he is accused of assaulting an 11-year-old girl in her home. the diocese of wheeling charleston says it has suspended the native. right now, the parents of a maryland girl wounded in uganda's terror bombings are flying to south africa. the 16-year-old is receiving emergency medical treatment. a family friend says emily was at the restaurant with her
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grandmother's church group when they came under attack. it's not clear about the extent of her injuries. the investigation into those terror attacks today. uganda officials found an unblasted suicide belt. 76 people died in all. and al-qaeda link group is taking responsibility. >> now to the death of legendary yankees owner, george steinbrenner. >> you show me a good loser and i'll show you a loser. >> well, that was just one of his mottos. steinbrenner ruled the new york yankees with an iron fist. he bought the team in 1973 for $10 million. today it's a billion dollar empire. the 80-year-old suffered a heart attack and yankees fans are remembering an icon. >> i was shocked. i mean, i knew he had been sick, but i wasn't expecting it
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to come so soon. >> dwight gooden, i like the people that was down on their luck. he was a great man. >> the news of steinbrenner's death comes as many of his players prepare for the all- star game. more on the life coming up in sports. the future of the diabetes drug, avandia could be decided in the next two days. the fda held the first of two hearings on the drug. at issue, whether the diabetes drug causes or increases the risk of heart attacks. ava in dia is safe, but a top researcher who analyzed a dozen studies between a link of the drug and heart problems says the drug needs to be taken off the market. >> time to end it now. >> often used improperly, it has a benefit risk profile and should remain a treatment option for patients with type 2 diabetes. >> a panel of outside doctors
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will recommend a course of action, but no matter what they decide, many patients have already made their decision, avandia sales are down sharply. >> bp's latest attempt to stop the oil leak in the gulf is being put to the test. after 85 days, bp may finally stop the oil spewing into the gulf. crews installed a new tighter fitting containment cap on the broken well. >> this is the elegant solution. this is the right equipment. all of the other top hats and everything have been sort of solutions. >> it's not a quick fix, but crews will slowly close its valves while they check the pressure inside the well. high pressure means it is stopping. the test is expected to take up to 48 hours. >> human remains, i should say, are found in fairfax county and investigators need your help. we'll tell you more about that straight ahead. but first, another headache for
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metro riders. busted escalators. how soon will they be fixed? we'll have some answers in the live report coming up next. this doesn't have to be our future.
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not if the senate acts now on legislation to promote energy efficiency, biofuels, and renewable energy sources. let's make america more energy independent, protect our environment, and create millions of new jobs right here at home - instead of losing those jobs to other countries. if you want to change america's energy future, call your senators and tell them to support clean energy legislation now.
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all right, we have breaking news. we are hearing about a hazardous material incident in green belt, maryland. you're looking at shots right now. sky 9 is above the scene. you can see fire crews are there. it looks like there are emergency crews there and if you look in closely. i can't tell if there is someone actually on that gernie there. prince georges fire, public information officer says that water has mixed with some sort of unknown chemical. beyond that, we don't have a will the of details, other than to tell you that there is a situation here and first responders are responding. we will of course, stay on top of this, bring you those
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pictures and more information as soon as we get it in. >> now to more frustrations with metro today. this time it concerns problems with escalators out of service. bruce johnson is live in dupont circle and bruce, we saw you get quite a workout earlier today. how many stations have a problem with the escalators and when is metro going to do something about them? >> well, right now the problem is here at dupont circle where you have four, no longer three, but four of the escalators out of service. you are looking at the up escalator and before, i mean it was pretty tight, as people were packed in there on the only escalator that would bring you out of the tunnel earlier. now this is the down escalator that is not working. the escalator next to it is not working and people see it. they are on foot and i did this twice today. we are talking 144 stairs. a man standing here now and you live in northwest dc. what do you make of all this?
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>> seems like every other day, the escalators are broken and it is very dangerous. there are senior citizens, there are children. the elevators are sometimes available, but the lines are so long. everyone might as well just walk up the steps or down the steps, but it's so dangerous. someone may fall, someone may hurt themselves and it's tiring. some people have heart conditions. i'm scared something is going to happen to someone. >> amanda, thanks a lot. we'll go to the tape we shot earlier. four escalators are now down and metro was saying that one will be back online tomorrow. another sometime next week and another later this month. but again, that is four of the six here at the dupont circle station that are out of service. metro also says it is a 30-year- old system. they have a combined 900 or so escalators and elevators and on any given day, 10% are out of service because of repairs. it's an aging system. doing the best they can, they
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say. back to you, lesley. let's check on the evening traffic, not on metro tonight. how are the roads? >> the roadways, some problems out there as we check the capital beltway. one accident it tole you about. this is on the outer loop. this is causing delays. still on the roadway, watch out for that. beyond that north, on the inner loop, we have delays from 66 to 270. inside the beltway, we do have that traffic light problem to tell you about. and this is a couple intersections and then also near the highland area, that's going to be affected. you use extra caution as we take a live shot here into georgetown. traffic steady and traffic coming on to m street. no accidents or incidents reported right now throughout dc. lesley, back to you. >> thank you. we have new details about a new jewelry recall and we'll tell you why coming up after the break. plus, desperate lengths that some thieves are going to to
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melt to sleep fast. unisom sleep melts. we are waiting for the autopsy results from fairfax county on a human skull. it was discovered last night near furnace road and richmond highway in lohr don. anyone with information about the discovery is asked to contact crime solvers at 1-866- 411-tips. how much risk would you take for a few hundred bucks? dive off a cliff? walk a tight rope? how about go through power lines? sounds crazy, but bruce leshan is live at the new carolton amtrak station where thieves went through desperate heights to do just that. >> just an amazing heist, leslie. they carried with it a slight risk with disrupting rail traffic up and down the eastern sea board. state's attorney, glenn ivy
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says the grand jury just handed up indictments against two guys in a scheme that climb climbed the poles over the rail lines and steal the copper wire that serves as a lightning rod about 70 or 80 feet up. the wire has no power running through it, but the lines below it have enough charge to power a train to 100 miles an hour. >> it is incredible. i mean, we have a lot of thefts of copper and other scrap metals. we have people taking air conditioners out. very expensive items. to see someone climb a 70-foot pole, we haven't seen that before. >> george bridgewater and ray walker sold the wire to scrap metal dealers. it could cost amtrak half a million dollars to repair the lines. their payday, maybe a few hundred dollars at a time. leslie. we have a consumer alert about a different kind of
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metal. a recall on tarnished trinkets. we are talking about cadmium. it's the heavy metal that can poison children if ingested. 137,000 bracelets, necklaces, and bracelets that look like these. it was sold at justice and limited too stores. some have best, friends, or bff on it. you want to take that jewelry back to the retailers for a full refund if your child has any. this is the sixth recall for products with cadmium since june. all right, we are talking about storms and -- >> heavy rain possibly. > flash flood? >> flash flood and that will continue overnight. we are looking at the best chance for anything heavy to occur after midnight. we'll do it all over again tomorrow and the good news is, temperatures will stay below 90 and that will be a rarity after we get through tomorrow. 87 a few showers and storms and mid 90s on thursday. dry and it's hot and then it's
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hot again on friday, mid 90s. an isolated thunderstorm possible. we'll break down tomorrow. looks like a wet commute in the morning. don't think we'll have the fog we had this morning, though. 74 to start. 82 by lunchtime. finishing out at about 87 degrees. now, for tonight, flash flood watch, muggy with showers and storms. low temperatures between 70 and 75. winds light. let's start with doppler. this has lightning detection in it and this will show some of the storms. this is live. do wide doppler first and this will show some of the lightning and you can see lightning around warnton and to the northeast of culpeper, as they are beginning to pull off to the north and east. all right, now we'll do live doppler. we are okay, but we are getting close. activity is getting close to some of the western suburbs. some of it is heavy. not so much severe, but heavy. heavy activity in the plains,
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upperville, and around alany. so, if you are in leesburg, if you are in ash burn, great falls, around dulles, you are going to get hefty rains. we'll put this into motion. the next hour goes across the river and pretty close to gaithersburg. we'll go back to the computer. we'll talk about the headlines. we are under a flash flood watch for the metro area. heaviest downpours between midnight and 4:00 a.m. it will be warmer on thursday. more thunderstorms possible on wednesday and we will be hot and dry again on thursday. tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy and warm with some showers. 70s and 80s. winds will be northwest briefly at 10. air quality yellow, which is code moderate. not bad. tomorrow afternoon, partly sunny and warm. so we'll see sunshine return and with that sun, we are going to see showers and thunderstorms possible develop. temperatures, 85 to 90. a little bit warmer tomorrow with light winds. okay, next seven days. 87 tomorrow, some storms.
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and then hot and dry on thursday. we don't see any storms on thursday. we are back in the mid 90s. pretty good chances of scattered storms, but by far and away over the weekend, another cold front approaches and we do use that term loosely. showers and storms possible saturday and sunday with temperatures in the low 90s. and then boom, we go back to the mid 90s on monday and tuesday. we keep monday dry and maybe a few scattered storms on tuesday. back to the story about watering trees, a slow drip. don't try to do gushing. sports world lost a complicated figure today. >> everybody around the country kind of vilified him, except yankee fans who loved him, because he loved him all the time. he was a villain and hero to baseball fans. george was a winner. more reaction to his death today. plus, the showdown, tiger versus the british tabloid press. hear it with your own ears. 9sports next.
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this doesn't have to be our future. not if the senate acts now on legislation to promote energy efficiency, biofuels, and renewable energy sources. let's make america more energy independent, protect our environment, and create millions of new jobs right here at home - instead of losing those jobs to other countries. if you want to change america's energy future, call your senators and tell them to support clean energy legislation now.
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it's time for 9sports with bret haber, the best sports in town. >> george bought the yankees in 1973 for $10 million. today, the franchise is worth $730 million. while his manner was often gruff and his methods were dubious, even his harshest critics will say it was to win. in a city where nothing less than acceptable, he was a perfect fit. he died of a heart attack after 37 years of america's most storied sports team, leaving a legacy that is a million shades of gray. twice he was banned from baseball for illegal activities and his legendary short fuse led to 17 manager firings in his first 17 seasons, but his free spending and hard charging style brought the yankees seven world series titles. the yankees family reacted to his death this afternoon. >> it is tough because he is
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more than just an owner to me. you know, he's a friend of mine, and he'll be deeply missed. >> he meant so much to not only this organization, but to the game of baseball. and to all of us personally. >> he raised the bar around baseball for other teams to try to keep up and to compete with what he was trying to put on the field every year. >> among those releasing statements today, the learner family and the nationals who say they are deeply saddened by the loss of george steinbrenner. a monumental figure. he will be remembered a as man who gave much to the people and communities he loved. now our condolences go out to the steinbrenner family, and yankees fans everywhere. of course, with that as a backdrop, the all star game is tonight and it's the national league should happen to have a lead heading into the 9th inning, it will be the nationals closer who will get the call to protect that lead. the only nationals
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representative in the midsummer classic. his 23 saves are fourth best in baseball this year, not bad considering he's never had more than 27 saves in any single season and his era last year was nearly 6. meanwhile, espn reports tonight that the nats slugger, adam dunn is quote, losing interest in signing a contract extension in dc because the team is moving too slowly. becomes a free agent and a story today on the website says that he could be traded to the braves after the break. >> all right, forget about phil mickelson, tiger woods biggest opposition at the british open may be the british press because as big of an appetite as the u.s. tabloids have, they are am tears compared to the brits. somebody counted at his press conference today, there were 17 questions relating to tiger's infidelity, divorce, or his other personal turmoil. and tiger responded with a very british stiff upper lip.
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>> i'm trying to become a better person each and every day, and i'm still trailing golf tournaments while becoming a better person. that starts with one day at a time. as far as everything else, everyone is entitled to their opinion. >> back home, the wizards signed their first free agent, veteran big man and former houston rocket, hilton arm strong. he has one verison center memory already, from when his yukon team was bounced in the elite 8 in 2006. meanwhile, a double-double for john wall in his second summer league game with the wizards. ten assists for the number one pick as the wizards crushed the clippers. he did turn the ball over eight times. he is going to have to clean that up. run. run. >> oh, here he comes. >> widen out, he's here. he was running. >> there he is. >> you have your zones? >> all six of them are


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